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Feel free to use this atlas. But it would be highly appreciated if you mention me in projects / prototypes and post your project that uses the graphics in the comments here :)

This set includes tiles and sprites for top down flight shooter.
Size: 16x16 Pixel

Includes one *.PNG file.


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tiny.png 3 kB


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Is there any chance i could use a few of these assets in a project im working on for school? the class is an education course and i'd be getting graded upon the coding and not the art (I would be giving full credit to you as the creator of the artwork as well.) the game would be hosted on scratch a site meant to teach basic coding to students so no money would be made off this project additionally the game would be set to private so only the students within my class could actually view/play the knock of galiga game i spent a few hours creating. 

Sure, u can use it :)

Thats free ?Men if yes , thats a great tileset and idk why it's free gg :)

Yeah it's free, of course I spent 2 days for it, but... :D

nice art