Island In The Ocean


First Game: Roguelike Adventure 2D


A story about some traveller who was crashed on his ship near island in the ocean.
Try to find some help, build new ship and get out of island. But...
You need complete long path because, you can't build it so quickly, you need materials, many materials. So find citizens on island, villagers and ask them to help you! Be careful because weight of your bag isn't infinitie! Good luck, traveller!


Controlls ]

Keyboard ):

 WASD - Movement

Mouse ):

LMB - interract with UI (Inventory, Journal, Equipment, Map, Messages)

Inventory ):

For open Inventory window - press I button.

LMB on [Use] button - Use or Equip item
LMB on [Info] button - Show description of item
LMB on [Remove] button - Destroy item from Inventory

(Inventory: Upside panel)
LMB on [Star] button - Open player parameters
LMB on [Paper with lines] button - Open Journal window
LMB on [Planet] button - Open World Map window
LMB on [Shield] button - Open Equipment window


For open Equipment window - press O button.

LMB on slot with item - Unequip item


For open Journal window - press J button.

LMB on [Read Task] button - Show description of quest and reward

Combat ]

Use arrows to kick hostile mob near your actor.

Be careful, hostiles likes to kick from back.

Interraction ]

If you want interract with some objects in the world, overlap with this object. Just go at this object.

Dialogs, Messages )

Use [X Button] for close window of dialog.

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