Roguelike Adventure 2D



A story about one little human, who search his destiny...
Who you are? Adventurer, Knight or maybe Warrior, or evil monster?
Find yourself in this world, find your destiny, find your soul!


[ Controlls ]

( Keyboard ):

Arrows - Movement
WASD - Movement

( Mouse ):

LMB - interract with UI (Inventory)

( Inventory ):

For open Inventory window - press I button.

LMB on item - Use or Equip item

RMB on item - Refresh slot position of item

MMB on item - Destroy item from inventory

[ Combat ]

Use arrows to kick hostile mob near your actor.

Be careful, hostiles likes to kick from back.

[ Interraction ]

If you want interract with some objects in the world, overlap with this object.
Just go at this object, if you think what object you see interested you.

( Dialogs, Messages )

Use Spacebar or Enter for close window of dialog, message.


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Not working for me.  Just shows a Wizard on a blank screen.
Hard refresh, turned off Adblock.  No errors in console.  I think I hear music.

[Release] Version 1.0A


  1. Small fixes
  2. Main Menu changes
  3. Other fixes
(2 edits)

[Early Access A] Build 22a


  1. Fixed expirience what we need for levelup.
  2. Added water locations.
  3. Added some new locations, rooms.
  4. Little cosmetics changes on locations.
  5. Ship feature - now you can swim in the water on your ship!
  6. Added Donation menu and DLC menu (In development now)

[Early Access A] Build 21a


  1. Fixed hostile attack. If you stay near enemy and do nothing - the hostile will hit you ever 1 second, but if you press movement button for attack so quickly as you can, you will kill enemy first than hostile.
  2. Mouse controll removed, mouse show only if we have Dialogs or Inventory active.
  3. Interraction rechanging, need move at object and overlap it for interract.
  4. Added some new locations.
  5. Remastered some first locations.

[Early Access A] Build 2


  1. Fixed many items overlapping in one slot.
  2. Added 2 slots for instruments.
  3. Added fight panel. It shows when hero hit hostile mob. There is show hostile Name, Lives and Level.
  4. Added 1 location with one instrument usability.
  5. Hostiles now have a names

First [Early Access A] game release.


  1. Retro pixel style
  2. Roguelike game type
  3. 16x16px game field-tile
  4. RPG elements
  5. Adventure elements
  6. Simple combat system
  7. Gold, Treasures, Weapons, Armors
  8. Many locations in one side
  9. Simple hostiles
  10. Playable version